Freehold REPS SOCCER 5 Week Player Transformation 2017 Summer Program

5 Week Player Transformation 2017 Summer Program
June 26-July 28
Unlimited Daily Participation Monday-Friday
Receive the equivalent of a year's worth of development in just 5 weeks!
Freehold REPS SOCCER is back for the Summer with a development program, designed to accelerate results in 5 weeks with 120 minutes a day! 
Develop amazing Foot skills, sharpen your 1st Touch, improve your speed of play, and make dramatic strides in your ball control, all in a competitive and fun environment.
For players of all ages and abilities.

Come discover for yourself the difference REPS can make in your child's play. 
Give us 5 weeks and we promise to get you the results you want.  
Help your child become the player that you know he/she can be. Here's how it works.  
Player's bodies are a lot like machines.  They're designed to be programmed to play well. 
Accelerate your player's development this summer!  
Get involved today and see your child's transformation right before your eyes.
Register below to save your child's spot. First come first serve. No exceptions 
Sign up today individually or as a team. 
Guaranteed Results.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Where are sessions held?
Sessions are run at Errickson Elementary(AM) and Richard Applegate(PM) in Freehold. 
2.  When are sessions held?
Sessions run daily, Monday-Friday, from 9am-11am and 6-8pm. from June 26th to July 28th.  
3.  How much is it?
5 WEEKS for $285 (Just $57/week or 50 hours or $5.70/Hour) which is an excellent value, isn't it?
4.  How many times can I attend a session during the week?
You can show up to as many sessions as you want during the week. It’s priced for busy schedules. 
It’s like a gym model, show up when you want a good workout. Doubling up during the day is also allowed.

5. What if I can’t make all 5 weeks or all 5 days during the week?
Program is priced with this expectation. Do the math, even if you can only make 4 weeks or you can only make 2 or 3 days during the week, 
investment would still represent an excellent value. Go ahead and compare with other camps on an hourly basis.

6. Do you offer sibling discounts?
Yes, we do offer 10% 2nd Sibling discounts.

7. Do you offer team discounts?
Yes, have 8 or more players from same team get involved and we offer 10% discount for each player.
Sign up today! Early Bird Discount: 10% off Today only ***cannot be combined with sibling or team discounts***
Contact Rob Soto
732-682-7377 mobile