Best Costume & Best Team Pumpkin Winners 2010

Opatut Complex

Hazlet Lightning - U-9B - Oompa Loompas - Best Costume Boys

Wall Liberty - U-9G - Dow Scrubbing Bubbles - Best Costume Girls

Wall Wave - U-9G - Chocolate Chip Cookies - Best Team Pumpkin


Jackson Mills Complex

Sting Blue - U-10B - Wizard of Oz with the lollipop kids - Best Costume Boys

GAK Attack - U-10G - Deal or No Deal - Best Costume Girls

Freehold United - U-10G - Teepee with Turkey & Indians - Best Team Pumpkin

Westfield Gold Pride - Charlotte’s Web - Honorable Mention Best Team Pumpkin

Pt Pleasant Kahunas - Judge & Prisoners in Jail - Honorable Mention Best Team Pumpkin

We would like to point out that the costume and pumpkin creativity this year is beyond what words can explain.  We witnessed the best of halloween pagentry & spirit come alive in both young and old at this years event.  Photos coming soon......

We thank you all for attending and have a great upcoming holiday season.