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Freehold Soccer

Fundraising Comissioner at

Fundraising Request

  • All team fundraising must have Board Approval
  • Any team seeking approval may send an e-mail to me listing the type of fundraising request and I will then present it to the board, at that time if they require more information you will have to come in front of the board.

Fundraising that will not be approved:

  • Any type of fundraising that involves kids selling door to door
  • Any kind of money pools on sporting events

Snack Stand

  • All Volunteers must be over the age of 18
  • You must sign in for your team to recieve credit
  • The volunteers from the morning games should put out signs and flags and the volunteers from the last game should bring in all signs and flags.
  • Travel teams-no more then 2 volunteers per game (each do 1 half)
  • Recreation Teams-home team does 1st half and away team does 2nd half
  • Duties may include cash register, cleaning and serving customers.