Home Games Schedule

How to Schedule a Home Game

When requesting that a game be added to the schedule, please make sure you:

  1. Checked the schedule using one of the files below for an "*open*" slot.
  2. Wherever possible, please select an open slot that bumps up against another game.  In other words, if there is a 3 PM game on a Saturday but the 1:30 and 4:30 slots are open, don’t expect to get the noon slot--go for the 1:30 or 4:30 slot.
  3. Make sure you have verified that both your team AND the other team are OK with the time slot.  Note that what’s "*open*" on the schedule changes as requests come in from coaches, and what was *open* when you started the process may not still be *open* when you finally make the request to schedule with us--float more than one option out to your opponent so you have flexibility.
  4. Send an email to schedule@freeholdsoccer.com including your team name, your opponent’s team name, the league or tournament you’re playing this game for (MOSA, EDP, etc.)
  5. Wait for the confirmation of your schedule request before confirming with your opponent