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Freehold Soccer League to Be Formally Honored at NJYS Awards Dinner on February 2nd
East Windsor, N.J. (Jan. 24, 2018) ― New Jersey Youth Soccer will be hosting its 30th Annual Awards Dinner on Friday, February 2nd, where it will honor many players, coaches and members of the soccer community. One of those honorees will be the Freehold Soccer League, which has been selected as the 2017 NJYS Recreation Program of the Year.

“We thank New Jersey Youth Soccer for this great award,” said David Moore, outgoing Recreation Commissioner of the Freehold Soccer League. “Freehold takes great pride in our program, and our club places great value in the rec program. The entire club supports what we do each weekend with these 700+ players. The program is built on sportsmanship and creating a positive environment for the players to learn this great game.”
The Freehold Soccer League was founded in 1971 and has grown tremendously over the years. It now has more than 700 players ranging from four-years-old to the high school level who are participating in their recreation program. The athletes are grouped by school grade and play alongside their classmates and friends, truly making it a community league. All of its travel soccer players start within the recreation system, and many of them still participate at the recreation level to keep playing with their fellow schoolmates.
The management group of the Freehold Soccer League organizes the club with defined roles and expectations, using its Mission & Goal Statement as the basis for decision-making among player, coaching and referee development. Conducting the program this way has led to much success both on and off the field, making the Freehold Soccer League a very deserving recipient as the 2017 NJYS Recreation Program of the Year.
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Exciting News for ALL Freehold Soccer Recreation Players

As the Recreation Coordinator for Freehold Soccer League, I am very excited to announce a new uniform program for all recreation players that started in the Fall season, 2016!

The new program had the following objectives:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Size Discrepancies
  • Streamline the process
  • Reduce the number of socks, shorts and shirts stuffed in drawers from prior seasons

When registration opens, parents will have the ability to order their children recreation uniforms through The uniform packages will consist of 2 shirts (1 Blue and 1 White), 1 pair of shorts and one set of socks.

Reduce Costs

The cost for recreation soccer will be $80.00 per child. This is down from the $90.00 most families paid per season. The cost of the uniform kit will be $65.70 which can be used for as many years as it fits your child.

Reduce Size Discrepancies

We are putting the sizing and ordering in your hands. There is no one better equipped to order the right size than you, the parent. Ensure you get the size you need for your child.

Streamline the Process

We are removing the league and coaches from the uniform process.  In doing so, we put you in the driver’s seat to take care of your own uniforms thus streamlining the ordering process. Less hands in the process means less confusion.

Reduce the number of socks, shorts and shirts stuffed in drawers from prior seasons

Have enough socks and shorts to outfit an entire team sitting in a drawer? FSL understands and worked with WeGotSoccer to ensure you have the ability to only buy what you need. If you don’t want the entire kit, just buy the shirts.  At any time you will have the ability to purchase what you need, the ordering site will never be closed.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose any number I want for the jersey?

Yes, for recreation soccer it is permitted for multiple members on a team to have the same number.  Many children love the number 1, no problem.

If we only have 2 jerseys, how will they determine which team wears which jersey for games?

Your coach will let you know before every game whether to wear white or blue. Socks and shorts will always be black.

What if I get the wrong size?

It will be your responsibility to contact WeGotSoccer and work out any discrepancies in orders. We formed a relationship with WeGotSoccer as we believe their work ethic and quality is best in class and gives our league, our children and our parents the best quality and customer service in the industry.

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