Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Recreation Program

How do I become a volunteer coach?

  • Complete the portion on the registration form that asks what position you would like to volunteer for: Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, Groundskeeper
  • Indicate what coaching certification you may already possess (FSL can assist any volunteer with gaining the appropriate certifications)
  • Complete a backround check and fingerprinting with the appropriate agency (Sagem Morpho)

The FSL depends on volunteers stepping forward to share their time and talents with our children. Please consider becoming a volunteer in our organization..

What equipment will my child need to play soccer?

  • Cleats are not required, but all players must wear shin guards in order to participate
  • Safety goggles must be worn by any player required to wear corrective lenses
  • Parents will need to purchase a uniform kit from GotSoccer
  • Soccer balls are provided by FSL to all pre-K and Kindergarten players.  All other grades supply their own soccer balls 

When are games played?

  • Games are scheduled to be played on Saturday mornings, beginning in September and continuing into the middle of November, concluding before Thanksgiving.

What are the game times?

  • Game times cannot be established until after registration is complete
  • Generally, games will be scheduled between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm

When will I be contacted by the coach?

  • Parents that have volunteered to coach in our recreation program will meet during the month of August
  • Coaches should contact you by the last week of August with details about the upcoming season
  • Check the FSL website: regularly for additional information regarding the season

When, and where, will practices be held?

  • Practice times and locations are at the discretion of each individual coach.
  • FSL cannot accommodate requests by parents for specific practice days and times

Can I request that my son be placed with a specific team or coach?

  • FSL is unable to accommodate specific requests for team/coach assignments
  • Consideration is given to place children on teams based upon their school, as well as experience in the game
  • FSL makes every effort to create teams that are equal in roster size, as well as distribute experienced players throughout each age division

Where are games played?

·   All games take place at Michael J. Tighe Park, Jackson Mills Road Soccer Complex, located on Jackson Mills Road and Opatut Park, East Freehold Road.