Parent Corner

Tips and advice for parents of developing athletes

Consider the following:

"The greatest gift that you can give to your child throughout their sporting involvement is support. But what does that mean? When asked what it is they would most like from their parents in terms of support, most children suggest encouragement and acceptance of their choices." - Australian Sports Commission (USYS Parent Resource Guide)

"Children play sports to have fun and be with their friends. They do not play to entertain adults, boost adult egos or improve the family’s social status in the community." - Abrams, 2002 

"When watching a youth sports game, if you can’t carry on a normal conversation with the person next to you, then you’re probably paying too much attention to the game." - Bigelow, Moroney & Hall, 2001

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Coaches and parents won’t always agree or see games in the same way, but if both maintain a healthy perspective and keep the child’s enjoyment of the activity as the priority, they will both contribute positively to the sporting experience.