Welcome to Freehold Travel Soccer Club

Welcome to Freehold Soccer League where we create and foster an environment for fun and discovery for children from kindergarten to high school.

Over 40 years ago this club was started as a way of introducing the children of the area to this ‘Beautiful game”.  Today, because of the great spirit of volunteerism that exists in our community, we have grown from 4 teams to a club with over 2000 recreation and travel players.

Our philosophy aims to introduce the children of Freehold to the game through the creation of a safe, fun, organized and healthy learning atmosphere which provides our youth with a competitive soccer environment that fosters player development in the game. We emphasize respect for the ROOTS (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, & Self) of the game as we “Honor the Game” and all of those that participate in any way.

2018-19 Freehold Soccer Travel Teams & Coaches

Division Team Head Coach Contact Information
U8 (2011)      
Boys United Ray Raya rraya@rayalaw.com
Boys Cosmos Mike Valentine mikevalentine@me.com
Girls Thunder Mark Williams mmw09@aim.com
U9 (2010)      
Boys Galaxy David Gunther davidgunther@hotmail.com
Boys Rebels Mike Valentine mikevalentine@me.com
Girls Breakers Kristine Fata ktfata@aol.com
U10 (2009)
Boys Fire Ryan Melcher ryanmelcher@hotmail.com
Boys Warriors Steve Grady stephenjgrady62@gmail.com
Girls Stingers Erica Sinatra staterep@freeholdsoccer.com
Girls Reapers Jimmy Santiago santi267@hotmail.com
U11 (2008)
Boys Celtic Andy Dreschler adrex71@yahoo.com
Boys Union Ray Raya rraya@rayalaw.com
Boys Arsenal Adam Gundaker adam.gundaker@gmail.com
Girls Strikers Kristine Fata ktfata@aol.com
Girls Force Doug Patmore dpatmore@verizon.net
U12 (2007)
Boys Phantoms John Vlacich john.vlacich@gmail.com
Boys Vipers Dale Parris daleparris@optonline.net
Girls Sky Blue Cathleen Rosen crosen525@gmail.com
Girls Fierce Michele Gibson Michelegibson@kw.com
U13 (2006)
Boys Strikers Gold James O'Connor sdsjo4@yahoo.com
Girls Storm Bill Kruesi vicepresident@freeholdsoccer.com
Girls Spirit Michelle West mr18west@yahoo.com
U14 (2005)
Boys Thunder Joe Atkinson jwatkinson@verizon.net
Boys Scorpions White Dave Rosen dave.v.rosen@gmail.com
U15 (2004)
Boys Phoenix Kevin O'Malley omalleykp@verizon.net
Girls Pride Erica Sinatra travel@freeholdsoccer.com
Girls Xtreme Derek Rittberg drittberg@zenithmarketing.com